Porcelain with a story

Porcelain manufactory

experts for small-batch athor's porcelain production since 1998

Our company goldfinger porcelain is engaged in original, quality, mostly small-batch porcelain production, focused on customers that are looking for creative design and quality workmanship. We produce both tea and coffee sets, single mugs and cups and practically anything that deserves to be made of porcelain.

Despite we are a small company, we export our products all over the world. you can meet with our porcelain for example in berlin, paris, shanghai and many other destinations where you might not expect that.

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Establishment of a company in the village of Hlušovice nearby Olomouc



Commissioning of our first e-shop



Purchase and reconstruction of the company's current headquarters in Brno



Beginning of cooperation with Modernista company



Purchase of a new gas furnace for firing porcelain



New website



Implementation of 3D modeling and 3D printing in our production process



Porcelain manufactory GOLDFINGER
We are experts for small-batch athor's porcelain production since 1998

Hand made

The whole production process is handmade with maximum emphasis on the quality of workmanship. Czech porcelain is used in the production as the main material  - a material of the highest quality.

3D modeling

Modern technology

We try to keep up with the times and work with students and young designers who use 3D programs for their work.